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1. Project_Pavilion of Shifting Paths - Yoonji Kim
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2. Project_Eprie - Yoonji Kim
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3. Project_Eprie_2 - Yoonji Kim
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4. ein Film von Chong Zhang - Yoonji Kim
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5. ein Film von Tian Dong - Yoonji Kim
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6. ein Film von Suna Lim - Yoonji Kim
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7. ein Film von Suna Lim_2 - Yoonji Kim
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8. ein FIlm von Riki Saburo - Yoonji Kim
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9. AFA_Busan film festival - Yoonji Kim
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10. Piano_1 - Yoonji Kim
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11. Piano_2 - Yoonji Kim
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Yoonji Kim grew up in Seoul (South Korea), and studied piano and conducting at the Korea National University of Arts, where she completed a Bachelor of Music with distinction.

Next she studied conducting in the class of Prof. Michael Luig at the Academy of Music and Dance Cologne. During her studies she conducted several concerts the South Westphalian Philharmonic.

In many countries she participated masterclasses and festivals in Korea, Poland, Italy, Russia and so one. Because of her interest in art, she is studying at the Art Academy of Media Cologne from 2011, and focuses on musical improvisation and sound  performance through space and own created instruments. She also composes music for films and various projects.

Music Concerts and Festivals


März 1995     Ersten Platz bei Seoul International Music Competition (klavier)


Nov.  2002    Young musician Festival in Seoul, Buam Art Center (klavier)         


Juli    2003    International Musik Festival in Naleczowie, Polen (klavier)                 


Nov.  2005    Pan Musik Festival in Seoul Art Center (Klavier)


Nov.  2007   Konzert  in KNUA Saal, Seoul (Chorleitung)


Dez.  2008   als Gastdirigentin bei Philharmonie-Südwestfallen

                     Konzert am 18 Dez. 2008 in Musikhochschule Köln


Juni   2009  als Gastdirigentin bei Philharmonie-Südwestfallen

                     Konzert am 01 Juli 2009 in Musikhochschule Köln


Juli    2009    Meisterkurs in Montepulciano, Italy


Juli    2009   dirigiert Oper ein Teil von 'Rigoletto' in Palazzo Ricci, Italy


Dez.  2009   als Gastdirigentin bei Philharmonie-Südwestfallen

                     Konzert im Dez. in Musikhochschule Köln


Oct.  2011   Busan Film Festival, Korea (as a music composer)

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