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Sound object and concert, 2015/2016

Duration: approx. 20 min.

Things disappear in drawers and are forgotten. Pulling things out of drawers numerous unrealized artistic ideas, intentions that have not been carried out or unperformed pieces by composers stay shut away in drawers. For decades, sometimes even forever.


The performance brings forgotten things back to life, giving them new value. When the drawers are opened, light is cast into the darkness and the inner, hidden sounds are brought forth.


Each drawer hides its own sound: sounds of nature, noises, melodies from Western and Asian music played by the most varied of instruments.  


A cosmos of sound opens up.


Volume, intensity and length, the ebb and flow of the sounds is regulated by the opening. The various combinations create an endless variety of composition possibilities.The performer takes on the role of the composer, the performance becomes a concert. Live interaction with instruments is also possible, for example with the Gayageum, a traditional Korean stringed instrument. As with a traditional Korean cupboard, the inscriptions on the drawers provide information about their contents.



Each drawer contains a speaker of various sizes. An MP3 player, batteries, an amplifier and a microswitch is built in behind each speaker. The MP3 players are activated by opening and closing the drawers. Volume and intensity is regulated by the opened position of the drawer from small crack to completely open.

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