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(Pipes and Fans)

Interactive kinetic sound objects and performance, 2016

Duration: approx. 20 min.

Sounds are inherent in the wind: a surge of notes and intensities, sometimes harmonies. Like the changing forms of a cloud, an infinite number of tonal forms seem possible.

Inspired by wind instruments and the airflow within a pipe organ- the organ wind the rotation of a base disk forces air through the four pipes mounted to it, creating sound. Various notes are created, depending on the speed of rotation and the length of the pipes.

Seven rotational disks react via sensors to the movements of viewers and listeners towards and away from them. A piece can thus occur as a random sequence but also as an intentional space-sound composition through the orchestrated movement of players.

SCHLAUCHVENTILATOREN is therefore also an instrument for several players. The length and diameter of the pipes are tuned to the root notes of C major (length 56cm), D major (length 48cm), E major (length 45cm) and so on. Their acceleration or deceleration creates triads.

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